Slap Happy Cream Review

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding sexual enhancement aids. But nevertheless it is a fact that products like Slap Happy Cream do work.

Slap Happy Cream Review Pros and Cons

There are some things that need to be kept in mind before you go out and buy other brands though. The reason such products can be met with skepticism is because there are a lot of companies out there selling junk that do not even have the ingredients they claim. Slap happy was developed primarily as a masturbation lotion, but has obvious uses for use when your spouse is in the room also.


Slap Happy Cream has many proven ingredients that inhibit friction caused by skin on skin contact. Using imitation brands can be very unhealthy for your penis, and the skin on your penis, as your pores can become clogged, or irritation can develop from excessive friction. Don’t trust any other masturbation aid as there are also duplicate lotions that will make your penis feel like it’s going to fall off!.

Slap Happy Cream Review

Following are some benefits of using Slap Happy Cream:

• Leaves your skin feeling soft, and velvety

• Non-irritating formula

• Does not clog pores

• Less friction with increased lubrication

• Delicious, sexy smelling formulation

• Will not dry out

• Non messy, easy clean up

• Long lasting, even with single application

• Safe to use every day!

A Product With History Behind It

If you want a genuine product then I would recommend using Slap Happy Cream. People like you and I have been using this cream for years, and when a product has been around for a long time…you know people are buying, and it’s a stellar product. There are lots of fake creams out there made almost exclusively with mineral oil, or petroleum products that are known to cause irritation and make for messy clean up after using them. It is best to do your research and read articles from people like me, who have actually put this product to use, and talked to other users who are happy with the products your entertaining using.

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Use It With That Special Someone

As I mentioned earlier: Slap Happy Cream was designed for a masturbation aid. With that in mind, the cream can also be used when your getting intimate with your partner. The smell of the cream is designed to invigorate and trigger endorphins in the brain that lead to sexual stimulation. It makes for an excellent lube to use for intercourse, along with manual stimulation. Just keep in mind it isn’t edible, but edible products do not offer the long lasting effects that Slap Happy Cream does – the fact that it isn’t edible should tell you it’s designed to be a superior lubricant. Me, along with other users are amazed at how long a small dab of the product will go.


Slap Happy Cream Review of a User

Check Slap Happy Cream Review My wife and I now use this product exclusively. While it’s great when I have to get the job done myself: It makes for an excellent, long lasting sexual lubricant. A small bottle lasts forever, even with our sexual habits! We stocked up on a few bottles recently. I’m just amazed at how supple and soft my skin is as a result of using it for a few months.


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