Performer5 Review

Performer5 Review Pros and Cons?

Would you like to be like all of those stars you idolize? Those guys explode all over their co-stars with an unbelievable amount of semen Check the Best Performer5 Review!

Look no further than Performer5. Increasing your semen volume doesn’t just lead to the obvious visual benefits. The greater the volume of semen you ejaculate, the more intense your orgasm will be. Who doesn’t want longer and more intense orgasms? For those of you out there looking to conceive, more volume equals a higher sperm count, which increases your chances of having a baby – if that’s what your looking for (always wear a condom if you aren’t).

Performer5 review

Increased ejaculate volume will also feel amazing for your partner, as she will love the stronger, more intense orgasms, while also taking pride in her ability to make you have these new, immense orgasms! Keep reading because Performer5 has the natural ingredients necessary to make this change happen for both you and her.

Increasing Ejaculate Volume

There are many ways to increase your ejaculate volume. Diet is a major consideration: You must, must, must – drink plenty of water, and make sure you get enough protein in your daily diet.

Exercise definitely helps. Most people have heard of kegel exercises. They are done by tensing and relaxing the pubococcygeus muscle, behind your penis. This is the muscle which controls urine flow and also causes contraction during orgasm. Strengthening this muscle leads to stronger and more intense orgasms. If you can tense and relax it a hundred times a day or so then you’re on your way to more powerful orgasms.

Methods like kegals can take a great deal of time and effort, which is why many guys have started looking at other methods, and began taking semen increasing supplements, like Performer5 volume enhancing pills. This pill is my favorite, as it only needs a few days to start working – unlike diet changes, which can take weeks, and possibly won’t come close to delivering the same results.

Why Is Performer 5 The # 1 Volume Supplement?

* Performer 5 is made of 100% all natural ingredients. Other volume enhancers contain chemicals which can be hard for your body to process properly.

* The ingredients in Performer5 are well known, and of the highest quality. The pills contain 125mg of pomegranate extract. Pomegranate is a diverse, nutritional fruit, which protects against heart disease – it has also been traditionally used as a food supporting sexual health for years. It is so potent that it is nicknamed “nature’s own Viagra”!

Performer5 helps restore your body’s balance, by providing essential immune boosting anti-oxidants. Modern, workday stress, junk food, lack of water intake, etc. can strip our bodies of what it needs to function properly. There really isn’t a point taking pills that promise to increase the volume of your semen, if your bodies immune system is failing, as sperm production is affected by your level of health. Performer5 supplies you with a free multi-vitamin/anti-oxidant product – Vit5, with every purchase, just for that reason.

Those looking for more plentiful, intense orgasms, you need Performer5! Guaranteed, your partner will be impressed.

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